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Arriving by air

Visitors traveling by air will arrive at Airport Berlin Brandenburg (BER), located at the southern city limits of Berlin. The airport is well connect to Berlin's public transportation system. Express trains (Airport Express FEX) run several times an hour between Berlin Central Station and BER airport. Furthermore, S-Bahn trains and regional trains depart in short intervals toward the center of Berlin. Cabs (Taxi) are available for passengers at all terminals.

Arriving by train

Visitors traveling by train will arrive at one of the citys main train stations. Almost all trains stop at Berlin Central Station (Hauptbahnhof). From there you will have direct access to public transportation. Using the S-Bahn lines S3/S5/S7/S9, you can travel from Berlin Hauptbahnhof to ICHVE 2024 at Technische Universität Berlin via S Tiergarten. The train operates every 5 minutes. From S Tiergarten you will have to walk 10 minutes to reach Technische Universität Berlin.

Public transportation

Berlin has a large network of public transport that includes trains, metro, busses and trams. For information about connections and tickets, please check the offical website of BVG.

Luggage Storage

Lockers for luggage and personal belongings are located at many major trains stations and at BER Airport. 

Currency Exchange

The offical currency in Germany is the Euro. Debit and Credit cards are accepted at most shops and restaurants. Smaller stores usually only accept cash payment. Money can be withdrawn at ATMs all over Berlin. There are multiple exchange offices located at major train stations.