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Umspannwerk Friedrichshain

Hardly any aspect of modern life as we know it would be possible without electric energy. But just as omnipresent as electricity is in the world, as important is the uninterrupted supply of power. At the same time, both power generation and the demand for electrical power are undergoing severe changes. The electrical energy industries will play an important role in tackling the challenges we will all be facing over the coming decades.

In many places all over the world, the generation of electrical energy is shifting from large, centralized power stations like coal or nuclear plants to smaller, decentralized producers such as wind turbines or photovoltaic systems. Not only does this change the market for generators, but also heavily influences how power grids have to be planned, operated and maintained. Furthermore, as fossil energy becomes less and less desirable, more and more industries seek to electrify their applications. Among the biggest changes is the transportation sector, where the trend clearly is shifting from combustion engines towards electrical drives with ever increasing nominal voltages.

All these trends call for reliable, sustainable, and innovative solutions for power generation, transmission, and consumption in order to maintain